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Top three leading COVID long haulers treatment options

COVID-19, Respiratory Conditions | Published: February 2nd 2022, 01:44PM

Find relief from the harsh mental and physical symptoms that linger for many patients after COVID-19


If you’re suffering from brutal symptoms that have lingered for months after testing negative from your COVID-19 infection, you’ve likely tried many solutions to give you relief—rest, supplemental oxygen, physical therapy, pulmonary therapy, IV therapy—with little to no success. 

With nearly 75 million cases currently reported in the U.S. alone and 15-80% of those people expected to develop long COVID, it’s clear that effective solutions need to be found for people tormented by lingering COVID-19 symptoms. [1,2]

Medical professionals are constantly seeking answers about much that is still not fully understood about the virus, but progress is steadily being made in treatment options for long COVID.

Continue reading to explore the top three leading COVID-19 long haulers treatment options and decide what’s best for you, so that you can get back to your pre-COVID daily life.    


Option #1: Treatment at long COVID clinics.

If you’re seeking treatment, one of your options for healing is visiting a long COVID care clinic that offers a variety of health care services from different specialists.

Since every clinic is set up differently, it’s important to seek treatment at one that’s well-equipped to holistically treat all of your symptoms based on the order of severity. With COVID-19’s ability to affect multiple organ systems, it’s essential that both your mind and body are being comprehensively assessed by a highly-skilled medical professional. [2]

You also need to ensure that the clinic creates unique care plans for each patient because long haul COVID wreaks havoc on people in dramatically different ways, and your symptoms can change quickly from day to day. [3]

A treatment plan that works well for one patient may be harmful to another’s recovery, so your heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation need to be closely monitored throughout your treatment. [3]

Although post-COVID care centers are a leading treatment option, there are only four recognized clinics in Florida with three of them saturated in South Florida. [4] If you do live close enough to a clinic to receive consistent care, the other issue many patients are facing is lack of access to treatment due to extensive wait lists. 


Option #2: Treatment from your primary care physician. 

If you’re struggling to access a long COVID clinic, another leading treatment option is working with your primary care physician to treat your specific symptoms or conditions. 

By working with your primary care doctor, you’re receiving coordinated care from someone you trust that’s deeply familiar with the intricacies of your medical history. Your primary care provider should focus on setting achievable goals to treat your symptoms, and openly communicate with you before making any major care decisions.  

Your physician will likely use diagnostic labs and imaging to create your treatment plan, but it’s important that they don’t use them as the only assessment of your well-being. Some long COVID patients have no significant abnormalities in their labs, but that does not mean that their symptoms are not present or as severe as they state. [5] 


Option #3: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. 

Whether you discover it on your own or through one of your doctors, another promising treatment option for lingering COVID-19 symptoms is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Research studies and clinical trials are being conducted around the globe to assess the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in helping long COVID sufferers heal in a safe atmosphere of 100% oxygen. 

A recent study evaluated hyperbaric oxygen therapy for long COVID treatment and found a statistically significant improvement in the patients’ executive function, attention, information processing, and more following 10 sessions. [6]

There are also promising ongoing clinical trials studying the efficacy of HBOT for long COVID syndrome in general and specific post-COVID conditions like pulmonary sequelae. [7,8]

Most medical centers offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy will either accept new patients by a referral from your own physician or by self-referral for evaluation by their hyperbaric trained physician.

The process for hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a lot like taking any other medication. You’ll be prescribed a certain number of treatments based on your specific long COVID symptoms and their severity with the specific protocol varying based on your diagnosis. 


Learn more:
HBOT for lingering COVID-19 symptoms: A method of healing


How we can help

“We are treating many long COVID patients at our offices, and we are getting great results,” shares Erika Jordan, hyperbaric director and founder of Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center.

“Most of our patients were completely healthy prior to contracting the virus, and their day-to-day lives were significantly impacted by their long COVID symptoms,” reports Erika. “Some of our patients developed long COVID symptoms right away, while other patient’s symptoms did not appear until months after testing negative for COVID.”

We’ve seen a wide range of patient symptoms, but the ones we’ve been treating most frequently include:

  • Fatigue 
  • Brain fog
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Tremors
  • Low oxygen saturation due to lung damage from COVID Pneumonia
  • Reliance on supplemental oxygen at home

“For patients with fatigue, it was so bad that they could not return to work or normal daily activities. We’ve treated doctors who couldn’t return to seeing patients in their own clinic due to chronic fatigue and brain fog,” Jordan explains. 

Most of our patients have found relief with as little as five hyperbaric oxygen treatments while others needed 10 based on chronicity of their condition. About halfway through treatment, we’ve seen many of our patients return to their pre-COVID lifestyle and most have an almost comparable recovery after the protocol has been completed.

Even though many hospitals are conducting studies on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and long COVID, insurance companies currently deem the treatment as experimental, so it is an out-of-pocket expense for our patients.


Important note: At Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, we do NOT treat people with COVID-19 that are actively testing positive at any of our medical centers. We have made this decision to create a safe environment for all of our patients since we treat many people with certain health problems and conditions like cancer and diabetes that are at an increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness. 


Want to learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post COVID recovery?

Our trained, caring team hyperbaric specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have! We welcome you to contact us today.

If you’re looking for updates and information about our health and safety protocols, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.


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