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Diabetic Wound Healing

Diabetic Wound Healing

HBOT for Diabetic Wound Healing

Diabetic Wound Healing can be one of the most difficult complications of diabetes. Here at Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, we want to make that complication easier.

Main benefits

The main benefits we see from having Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) are; decreases swelling and pain. Which helps increase the patient’s circulation thus allowing faster healing.

Case Study

Prior to being referred to Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, DK has had a very complicated healing process since her initial surgery in 2013. This surgery removed a large lipoma from her hip & thigh region. Since that initial surgery, she has had multiple wound healing complications such as; 8 revisional surgeries, sepsis twice, multiple hospital admissions, and much more. She was not showing any signs of improvement and was upset and discouraged that nothing was working, and the wound kept declining.

diabetic healing

In April of 2018, DK was referred to us by one of the local Hyperbaric and Wound care departments for Hyperbaric Evaluation. DK was not considered a candidate for insurance coverage due to strict guidelines for treatment in their chambers. So, they advised her if she insisted on having treatments, to contact our facility in which we offer a discounted cash rate.

All patients at our office will be worked up the same. Either cash or insurance, for whatever condition, we are treating, we pull medical records to determine the best treatment plan.

After careful review of her medical records, I felt confident that her insurance would cover her treatments for wound healing by submitting the proper documentation stating her complicated case. With her permission, Jenifer submitted an authorization STAT. STAT means hurry in medical terms. We were able to obtain an answer from them within 24 hours. Within 3 days of her coming to our office, we had insurance authorization in hand for 40 treatments and we were on our way to healing!

Mrs. DK was super happy that we went above and beyond to obtain her insurance coverage and she finally could see that the end of this terrible nightmare was approaching.

On 4/30/2018 we started her Hyperbaric Treatments. DK mentioned her previous wound care doctor was no longer at the facility she was treated at. Wound care is a very important part in adjunct to Hyperbarics. So, we referred her to Dr. Philips Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center for weekly wound care in adjunct to her treatments with us. At this time the size of the wound was very large and deep enough that one could put their fist inside of it. There was also tunneling, undermining/shelving, and infection within the wound. She was on a continuous Wound Vac as well.

diabetic healing

(Dr. Ferguson Dr. Phillips Wound Care & Hyperbarics)

After her first treatment, DK stated “First treatment (dive) piece of cake!!! Easy ear clearing! Thanks for all the Prayers & well wishes!!! Ready for tomorrow. Let the final healing begin!!! Feels like the 1st day of school & The 1st Day of the rest of my life! Thank you, Lord. Prayers I come through this “Dive” like I used to the ocean dives!!!”

On her 25th Hyperbaric treatment, we were happy to report no more tunneling or shelving. The Depth was considerably less also. The patient stated, “This thing is gonna close!!!!”

On her 28th treatment, great progress was being made, but the wound healing was not done yet. We knew her authorization was soon to expire, and we did not want her to have to stop during her treatments, so we submitted for another authorization. Again within 24 hours, we received confirmation to continue from 40-60 treatments and reevaluate.

diabetic healing

By 8/2/2018 Treatment 54, her wound vac had already been discontinued and she was now healed enough and finally ready for surgical closure! DK had an evaluation set up with her surgeon who completed the past 7 revisional surgeries. At this time, submission for another set of treatments to ensure that she was not discharged from us until she is completely closed. Thankfully again within 24 hours, we received the ok to continue her treatments until closure.

8/6/2018 Wound Closure day!!! This day was super exciting for everyone. Finally, Mrs. DK was now on her final step to would healing. The surgery went very well. There were not any complications and the tissues were well prepped with all the extra oxygen, new blood vessels on the micro circular level thus giving the wound the best probability to close and stay closed.

diabetic healing

Now, it has been a few weeks since surgery day and as a result, Mrs.DK is doing great!

We can report there have been no signs of infection, redness, swelling, or pain and that the wound is closed. Our team is honored to have been by her side while she healed.

diabetic healing

We are sad to be losing her as a patient but happy that she does not need us anymore.

diabetic healing

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