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How to prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment

HBOT Questions | Published: June 5th 2019, 05:19PM

Learn what you should and shouldn’t do before, during and after treatment


At Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, your safety is our number one priority.

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), you’re enclosed in a sealed, transparent chamber where the oxygen concentration and atmospheric pressure is increased.

To keep you safe throughout your healing journey and to make sure you get the greatest benefit from hyperbaric treatment, we ask that you adhere to certain safety measures. To help, we’ve created a guide on how to prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment.


Food and drink

Eat a balanced, nutritious meal a few hours before treatment. Make sure you keep hydrated throughout the day.

Prior to treatment, avoid alcohol or carbonated drinks. It’s best to avoid smoking and any other tobacco products during your treatment period, as they interfere with the body’s ability to transport oxygen and can counteract the benefits of hyperbaric therapy.


prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment



HBOT should not impair any of your daily functions or activities. It’s safe for you to drive yourself to and from your hyperbaric appointments.



Notify us immediately if you’re feeling any cold or flu-like symptoms before treatment, as this may interfere with your ability to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



Items allowed in the chamber

Due to the oxygen-rich environment inside the hyperbaric chamber, the only thing you’re permitted to take in with you is a water bottle. We’ll provide this before you start your treatment.

You will be reminded before each hyperbaric treatment not to bring anything that could be dangerous in the increased oxygen environment. If an item is not on our approved list, has not been given to you by us, or has not been approved by the Safety Director, then it is not allowed in the hyperbaric chamber.

Prohibited items include:

  • Cell phones and reading materials
  • Electronic devices
  • Glasses and hard contact lenses
  • Watches
  • Matches and lighters
  • Jewelry


Each of our Sechrist 3600 monoplace hyperbaric chambers are equipped with entertainment streaming capabilities so you can relax and watch a movie or TV show during treatment.

For your convenience, lockers are provided to store your personal belongings during treatment.


prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment


Clothing and personal care

You are only allowed to wear 100% cotton clothing inside the chamber. Cotton does not carry static like synthetic fibers, which can pose a safety risk.

We will provide you with cotton clothing you can change into when you arrive. Alternatively, you can bring your own cotton clothing to change into, but please note that this must be checked and approved by the Safety Director prior to treatment.

As an extra precaution, when you’re in the chamber you’ll wear a special wristband to discharge any static buildup. We’ll give you blankets and pillows so you can stay warm and comfortable during treatment.

Please arrive for treatment as if you had just stepped out of the shower, free from any lotions, perfume, cosmetics, hair products or deodorant.

Prohibited products include:

  • Lotions
  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Deodorant
  • Hairspray, hair products and hair extensions
  • Fresh nail polish (applied less than 24 hours before treatment)
  • Fresh acrylic nails (applied less than 24 hours before treatment)
  • Body piercings


Cleansing wipes are provided in the changing room if you need to remove any traces of any products before you enter the chamber.


prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment


After your appointment

Keep hydrated after your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment and follow any other instructions given to you by our hyperbaric technologists.

Contact us immediately if you are feeling unwell after treatment.


We’re here to help you every step of the way. We want to make sure your healing journey is as stress-free as possible!

All of the information here can also be found in your online patient portal. You’ll also have the opportunity to go over all of your questions and concerns with the Safety Director during your New Patient Orientation, which is usually carried out over the phone about a week before your first appointment.


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