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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Anti-Aging: 4 ways HBOT can help with your overall health

Healthy Aging | Published: October 20th 2020, 10:58AM

HBOT can improve immune function, combat cognitive decline, rejuvenate your skin, and more


The air we breathe every day contains only 20.9% oxygen.

This hypoxic, oxygen-deficient environment means that as we breathe, our bodies send oxygen to where it’s needed most—to support our body’s vital functions.

More and more people are discovering that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help us give ourselves the extra oxygen we need as we age to heal, repair, rebuild, and more.


HBOT works by exposing the body to an atmosphere of 100% oxygen, in an enclosed chamber where the atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. This increase in the availability of oxygen can have a significant effect on many aspects of your overall health.

Keep reading to learn the powerful benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for anti-aging, to help you experience a better quality of life both today and tomorrow.


Immune system benefits

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is well-known for its ability to treat various diseases. What many people don’t know is that HBOT can also help you prevent diseases.

By giving your body at least 10–15 times its normal supply of oxygen, HBOT helps elevate the body’s natural immune defenses. The extra oxygen in your system boosts your supply of circulating stem cells and improves the function of leukocytes (white blood cells), which are key in fighting off infection and bacteria.

Brain health benefits

Cognitive decline is a concern for many of us as we age. As well as helping brain injury patients recover, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may also boost your brain’s everyday performance and improve mental clarity thanks to the extra oxygen supply.

A recent study published in the Journal of Aging showed that HBOT can induce cognitive enhancements in healthy aging adults. Among the documented improvements were attention, information processing speed, and executive functions—all of which normally decline with aging. [1]

Skin rejuvenation benefits

Your body’s ability to produce collagen (the protein that’s a major building block of your bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments) begins to decline around the age of 25.

As we age, this lack of collagen means our skin becomes less firm and supple, leading to wrinkles and sagging. Exposure to the sun and other factors like smoking can also accelerate the skin’s aging process.

When you undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy, your body takes advantage of the abundance of oxygen to increase collagen production, helping you to delay those telltale signs of aging skin.

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Overall health benefits

As well as the benefits already mentioned, the extra oxygen provided by HBOT may also help boost your energy levels, help you sleep better, combat heart disease, improve your overall daily functioning, and more.


We’d like to share a recent review from one of our patients who tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy for anti-aging:

“Was very fortunate to find this little piece of oxygen heaven. As we get older, our bodies don’t recover like they did when we were younger. Decided to give hyperbaric therapy a try after hearing and reading all the benefits this new, but old treatment has to offer.

After visiting Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, I could say personally that I don’t regret making the decision. Top of the line equipment and a beautiful, clean facility to compliment the great staff that makes you feel welcomed and safe.

Thank you so much guys. Look forward to seeing y’all again! Keep on improving people’s lives with the power of oxygen.”

— Nelson P., via Google Reviews


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1: Cognitive enhancement of healthy older adults using hyperbaric oxygen: a randomized controlled trial

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