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Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help with autism?

Children & HBOT | Published: January 14th 2020, 02:44PM

Learn the potential benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism


Children on the autism spectrum face numerous challenges and issues every day. Many autistic children struggle with cognitive problems, gastrointestinal issues, neurodevelopment problems and motor difficulties.

Every child is unique and will experience these issues in different ways—but most children on the autism spectrum struggle to do things that many people without autism take for granted.


What are the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism?

Scientific evidence has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can treat many of the challenges that children on the autism spectrum face. 

Patients undergoing HBOT usually experience no pain or major after effects, something that parents of children with autism find appealing.


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In children with autism, HBOT has shown successful effects on:


  • Cerebral hypoperfusion

Many patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have cerebral hypoperfusion, or insufficient blood flow in the brain. This has been correlated with certain autistic behaviors such as repetitive behaviors, desire for sameness, impairments in processing facial expressions and emotions, and decreased language development.[1]

Many studies report significant improvements in cerebral perfusion with the use of HBOT. This includes a 2012 study where patients who received HBOT saw an 82.4% improvement in temporal lobe perfusion, 85.3% improvement in frontal lobe perfusion, and 75.8% improvement in perfusion to other brain areas.[1]


  • Inflammation

Recent studies have shown that many individuals with ASD suffer neuroinflammation, immune dysregulation and/or gastrointestinal inflammation.[1]

HBOT has been shown to produce anti-inflammatory properties. According to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorders, a “child with ASD who had significant eczema and bowel inflammation with abdominal distension had resolution of eczema, chronic diarrhea and abdominal distension with HBOT.”


  • Behavioral Issues 

HBOT has not only been successful with improving physiological problems in children with ASD, but also behavioral issues as well.

Numerous case studies mentioned in Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorders found that children who received HBOT saw improvements in behavior, memory, social interaction, verbalizations and cognitive functioning, color, communication, aggressiveness, social interaction, coloring, speech, self-help skills, and more.


Our conclusion on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism

It’s not difficult to see why many parents of children with autism are turning to HBOT to help alleviate the challenges and issues they face every day.

At Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, our private monoplace hyperbaric chambers are made of clear acrylic so that patients can feel at ease and see outside. Trained technologists closely monitor patients as they receive treatment. While in the chambers, patients can relax and watch their favorite show, stream movies, listen to music, take naps, or just rest.

We work with patients of all ages and backgrounds to determine the best treatment plan for their needs. We work with all major insurance plans as well as out of pocket patients. Want to learn more? Our qualified team will be happy to give you a tour of our facility and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Contact us today to learn more on how HBOT can help you or your loved one.


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[1] Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in autism spectrum disorders

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