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Insights Care interviews Erika Jordan on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Lyme disease

Autoimmune Diseases and HBOT, HHTC News | Published: May 8th 2024, 02:38PM

Learn how Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center helps treat Lyme disease patients


Our founder, Erika Jordan, was interviewed by Insights Care, where she discussed the specialized treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Lyme disease at the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center. With Erika’s extensive experience in medical and emergency care, she has spearheaded the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) at HHTC, emphasizing tailored treatment and seamless integration with conventional treatments. 

In this article, she also addresses the challenges of insurance barriers and tailors HBOT protocols to maximize patient healing and comfort. The success stories of our Lyme disease patients are a testament to the transformative power of HBOT and our commitment to every HHTC patient’s well-being.

Continue reading to hear how Erika and HHTC have pioneered hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Lyme disease.


Can you provide a brief overview of your organization’s mission and commitment to providing exceptional care for patients with Lyme disease?

At Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, our mission and top priority is ensuring comfort and care throughout your healing journey.

My first Lyme patient was at the beginning of my career, around 17 years ago. At that time, I was the chamber operator of a private clinic. This was my first time hearing of this serious medical condition. Once I found out it was one of the most misdiagnosed illnesses, I became devoted to learning as much as I could to offer our patients the best care.

Since then, I have treated many patients at all stages of their healing process. I have learned that monitoring our patients while completing protocols for the most effective treatment is super important.

Adjusting patients’ protocols by ways of pressure, depth, and timing helps us reduce or eliminate a major Herxheimer reaction.


How would you describe the current landscape of Lyme disease treatment, and what trends or advancements have you observed in recent years?

A study by researchers at Texas A&M University saw that 84.8% of patients who were treated with HBOT for Lyme disease showed significant improvement in symptoms, including mental confusion, pain, depression, and fatigue, with approximately 70% of patients showing a lasting benefit upon follow-up examination.

Based on our years of experience treating patients with Lyme disease, we’ve seen a great quality of life improvement—and, in many cases, a complete resolution of symptoms—when HBOT is used as adjunct therapy alongside traditional medical treatments.


What sets your Lyme disease treatment approach apart from others, and how does it align with the latest advancements in medical science and technology?

Deeper treatment pressures with combined air brakes provide a safe yet highly effective treatment. Treatment pressures can go to 2.4ata. To provide these deeper pressures, we have upgraded our chambers to be equipped with air brake capability.


Can you highlight any unique therapies or interventions that have proven particularly effective in your Lyme disease treatment protocols?

For our Lyme patients who have not undergone HBOT before, we take a slow and specialized approach, starting at a lower pressure and time and slowly increasing to the desired treatment depth after a few treatments. This individualized care sets us apart from most, as I feel it is crucial in the Lyme healing process, as everyone doesn’t always fit in the same protocol.

Most of our patients also combine oral and/or IV antibiotic therapy in adjunct with HBOT to enhance the effectiveness of the medication’s effects on Lyme healing. The adjunct of antibiotics is super effective and is prescribed by their overseeing Lyme Treatment Provider.


How does your organization prioritize and ensure a patient-centered approach in Lyme disease treatment, considering the physical, emotional, and lifestyle aspects of patients?

From initial evaluation through care within our Center, we constantly monitor our patients’ treatment processes. Not every patient diagnosed with Lyme disease has the same healing process.

We keep a close watch on how the body is affected pre- and post-treatment to ensure their protocol is working effectively for our patients. From patient evaluations to daily pre- and post-treatment visuals, we monitor our patients closely.


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What challenges have you encountered in the realm of Lyme disease treatment, and how has your organization overcome or adapted to them?

One of our biggest challenges when providing Lyme treatment is that insurance companies do not recognize HBOT as a standard form of treatment; therefore, it is an out-of-pocket expense.

When working in the hospital, I realized that Lyme patients would be turned away for treatment as their condition did not fit into insurance coverage. Even the ones who wanted to pay out of pocket were turned away. So, when I established my office, I ensured that I offered a discounted cash option comparable to hospital-safe treatment for patients seeking our care.


What are your organization’s goals and aspirations in the field of Lyme disease treatment?

Our goal is to continue providing the community with knowledge of the effectiveness of combining HBOT in adjunct with standard Lyme treatment. It is important for people to know that whatever stage they are in, we are here to assist in their recovery naturally!

Patient Testimonial

Healing Power of HBOT in Treating Lyme Disease

“This place is the real deal. The staff is seriously phenomenal, and the owner and specialist (Erika) is a fantastic and trustworthy person. They take care of you so well. I have only been once, and I knew that I was in the right hands; not only did my treatment work and cause a positive reaction in my body after only one visit, but they made it such a joy, and their kindness was/is part of the healing experience. I estimate I will need about 5-6 sessions (maybe more) to remove the remaining symptoms of Lyme Disease in my body and also assist my adrenal fatigue recovery, as well as reset the cytokines in my body. So excited and thankful for this place and to add it to my healing regiment!”

—withthejones, via Google Reviews


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