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Insights Care interviews Erika Jordan on HBOT innovations

HHTC News | Published: February 15th 2024, 02:45PM

Discover the future of healing: Erika Jordan’s vision for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In an enlightening interview with Insights Care, Erika Jordan, a trailblazer in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) field, shares her comprehensive journey and the groundbreaking work at the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center. As part of a wider initiative, Insights Care interviewed experts around the country, highlighting Erika’s unique contributions. 

With a rich background in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Emergency Medical Services, and Hyperbaric Technology, Erika has propelled our center to the forefront of medical innovation, offering unparalleled patient care. She delves into the science behind HBOT, its transformative health benefits, and patient success stories that underscore the therapy’s effectiveness. Erika’s insights also touch on the future of HBOT and its expanding role in healthcare. 

Dive deeper into this fascinating discussion and explore how Erika, and our team, are shaping the future of healing. Continue reading to uncover the full story. 

Insights Care interview with Erika Jordan:

Within the dynamic healthcare industry that consistently craves innovation and relentless commitment, the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center stands out as an institution of excellence specializing in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Established by Erika Jordan, a distinguished professional with an extensive background in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Emergency Medical Services, and Hyperbaric Technology, this private healthcare facility takes a pioneering stance in delivering cutting-edge medical-grade hyperbaric treatments.

As the Owner and Hyperbaric Director of Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, Erika Jordan brings over a decade of expertise to her role. Her journey began as a Hyperbaric Chamber Operator in Delray Beach, FL, where she swiftly ascended to the positions of Facility Manager and Safety Director. Erika’s passion for hyperbaric medicine led her to establish the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center in 2017, signaling a profound commitment to providing unparalleled care to her patients.

Since its inception, the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center has flourished, expanding from two to eight full-time employees, boasting two locations, and housing six cutting-edge hyperbaric chambers.

The center’s mission for 2024 is nothing short of inspiring – a commitment to continuous growth, ensuring the delivery of the utmost quality care to every patient who walks through their doors.

Our team had the privilege of interacting with Erika, gaining profound insights into the remarkable work underway at Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center.


Brief us about yourself and your journey to being a part of the company.

I have firsthand experience in multiple aspects of the Hyperbaric industry, which gives me the highest qualifications to lead my company and provide care for our patients. I started in the private sector, moved to the hospital sector, where I worked for the nation’s leading hyperbaric and wound care management company, and then moved on to senior hyperbaric safety director, which was one-on-one with the hospital. From working the front lines, I was able to see what was working and areas I wanted to improve on so that the ones who choose to have treatments at my office have the safest and utmost care.


What sets the company apart from other hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment providers?

I consider our office the Ritz-Carlton of hyperbaric facilities. We hire and train elite medical professionals who provide our patients with the utmost care.

Our facility has more safety standards than required as we go above and beyond to be ready for any safety event that could occur.

Our hyperbaric chambers are the best in the industry. They are the type that are found in the hospital sector due to the operations and safety these chambers have.

And our aesthetics. Although we are a serious medical facility our feel is like a high-class medical spa.

Our looks, professionalism, and care set us above most, and this is why most patients will choose to travel to our locations for treatment.


What conditions or health issues do you typically treat with HBOT at the company?

We treat the 15 insurance conditions as well as conditions that do not meet insurance criteria. We offer our patients a discounted cash rate, so those who choose to heal naturally have the option, too.

This was one of the major drawbacks I noticed working with the hospital. If one did not meet the slim insurance coverage criteria, they had no option to proceed, and many were so distraught to be denied care.


Can you walk us through a typical HBOT session at the company? How long does it typically last, and what can patients expect during the session?

Our most common protocol is 2.0ata of pressure for a total of 90 minutes inside the hyperbaric chamber. 2.0ATA is equivalent to 33ft below sea level. From having the increased pressure and medical-grade oxygen flowing through the chamber at 200-450 liters per minute, every breath provides healing to our body. You have more energy, sleep better, and overall feel healthy in as little as one treatment.

It’s a super simple procedure; pick out your movie, relax, and breathe. Our trained medical professionals handle the rest.

The first few minutes feel like an airplane, but after that, it is very relaxing. Due to the clear acrylic, most patients do not feel that they are being pressurized at all.

We also have many protocols in place based on science and experience to recommend for the treatment and management of major medical conditions, and we get great results!

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How does HBOT work to promote healing and wellness in patients?

By combining pressure and medical oxygen, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy hyper-oxygenates the body to promote healing. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is known to create angiogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels on the microcircular level), which provides additional blood flow and oxygen to the body and helps heal many conditions.

What are some of the benefits that patients can expect to experience with HBOT treatment at the company?


  • Decreased pain
  • Infection control
  • Increased circulation
  • Faster healing process

How do you work with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that address their unique needs and health goals?

When patients have their risk assessment and orientation with us, we discuss their goals with treatment. After reviewing their full past and current medical history, our doctor develops a recommended protocol based on science and experience to achieve the best results. Once our patient starts treatment, we also have continued patient reviews to ensure they tolerate treatment well and continue to improve their healing.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from patients who have received HBOT treatment at the company?

My most recent success story is a current patient. She is currently battling breast cancer. She has decided to have hyperbaric treatment in adjunct to her chemotherapy.

Studies are showing us that chemotherapy is more effective with having Hyperbarics in adjunct. Thus, making the chemo penetrate deeper into the tumor to help fight it better. This patient is halfway through her treatment, and she reported to me yesterday that her oncologists stated her tumor has decreased in size by 50%!!! This is huge and we are all so excited to be a part of her healing team!


What do you see as the future of HBOT and its role in promoting health and wellness for patients?

The hyperbaric industry has grown so much in the 17 years I have practiced in it. I am extremely excited about the growth and acceptance of our therapy in the next few years. I see patients starting to take a proactive approach to health and want to keep their bodies in elite health, so why wait to start treatment when something is wrong? Start healing your body before it’s broken!!!

This is why I go into the chamber as much as I can. As a mother of two under two, I must keep my body as energized and strong as I can to keep up with my babies. It helps me a lot with overall health, energy, and mental clarity, and it is also helping my breast milk production!

Besides the growth in overall health and wellness acceptance, I see insurance conditions utilizing Hyperbarics more, especially in our cancer patients. More are starting to have Hyperbarics in adjunct with chemo and radiation as it helps their bodies stay strong while fighting cancer and reduces the harsh side effects that come along with standard medical treatments.


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