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BizTech Outlook interviews Erika Jordan on pioneering a new era in HBOT

HHTC News | Published: April 3rd 2024, 10:48AM

Erika Jordan is named as one of the most inspiring leaders to watch in 2024


In a compelling feature by BizTech Outlook, our founder, Erika Jordan, shares the remarkable story of the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center’s inception and its groundbreaking role in healthcare. Highlighting our mission to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) accessible, Erika delves into the center’s innovative protocols, patient-centric approach, and vision, propelling us forward. 

This interview reveals the strategic advancements placing HHTC at the forefront of specialized care, embodying our commitment to accessible and personalized hyperbaric oxygen therapy solutions. Read the entire interview below:


Can you share the pivotal moments that led you to establish Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center?

In my tenure spanning 9 ½ years within the Hyperbaric Field, I have traversed through various roles, eventually culminating in my position as Senior Safety Director at a local hospital. During this time, I became acutely aware of the intricate steps patients were required to navigate to obtain approval for hyperbaric treatment. Regrettably, many individuals were denied coverage due to insurance prerequisites, leaving them without access to potentially life-saving interventions.


However, a pivotal moment in my career occurred when I received a distress call from a podiatrist regarding a patient displaying a dusky appearance on the tip of her toe – a concerning indication for diabetic patients necessitating urgent vascular intervention. Upon referral to our scheduling department, the patient faced a prolonged wait for approval. Tragically, by the time contact was finally established, the patient had already undergone amputation. 

This poignant incident left an indelible mark on my conscience and underscored the imperative for change within our healthcare system. With expedited intervention and a more comprehensive treatment protocol, the outcome for such patients could have been significantly improved, potentially mitigating the need for invasive procedures. 

Motivated by this conviction, upon establishing my center, I resolved to implement proactive measures to address the critical issue of timely access to hyperbaric therapy. We have positioned ourselves to respond swiftly to urgent patient referrals by equipping all chambers with air brake capability and streamlining our operational protocols. Presently boasting six hyperbaric chambers across two locations, our commitment to prompt and effective patient care remains unwavering. 

Through this endeavor, I honor the memory of those who, like the patient mentioned, faced unnecessary hurdles in accessing vital medical care. By fostering a culture of responsiveness and diligence, we strive to uphold the principle that everyone deserves timely and equitable access to life-saving treatments. 


What sets Hyperbaric Healing apart in terms of protocols and patient care? 

Experience, individualized care, and passion for our patients. 

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work, and what conditions can benefit from it? 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a remarkably straightforward procedure characterized by its simplicity and efficacy. Patients can select a film of their preference before reclining comfortably within the hyperbaric chamber. As the chamber pressurizes, akin to the sensation experienced during an airplane ascent, a sense of tranquility envelops the environment, rendering a relaxing experience. Within this controlled atmosphere, saturated with the purest medical-grade oxygen and regulated pressure, the body undergoes hyperoxygenation – a process known to stimulate healing across a spectrum of medical conditions. 


Can you elaborate on your experiences treating a diverse range of diagnoses at your centers?

Throughout my 17-year career journey, I have had the privilege of attending to various medical conditions. Beyond the prevalent 15 major ailments commonly encountered within hospital settings, our practice has encountered a diverse spectrum of cases that continually captivate our attention. 

Our endeavors address a multifaceted range of conditions, including but not limited to the nuanced complexities of COVID-19 long-haulers, the therapeutic support for cancer patients, and the meticulous care required for post-plastic surgery recovery and anti-aging treatments. Each condition is approached with a meticulously tailored protocol meticulously crafted through the fusion of scientific rigor and accumulated experiential wisdom, all with the singular aim of delivering optimal outcomes for our patients. 


What challenges have you faced in the private sector for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and how do you maintain quality and safety?

In private healthcare, operating on a cash-only basis can result in a landscape devoid of regulatory scrutiny. Certain individuals may be motivated to compromise on critical safety practices and care standards in such situations, putting financial gain ahead of their client’s well-being. It is frequently noticed that the level of service provided correlates directly with the amount invested by patients. In reaction to this fact, I have assumed the role of educator within our community, attempting to impart critical insights into safety and operational best practices. By providing knowledge, I hope to build a discerning public who can confidently navigate the healthcare landscape, ensuring everyone receives the treatment they deserve. 


Could you highlight the significance of training in your centers and its impact on patient outcomes?

Drawing upon my repertoire of licenses and educational endeavors spanning numerous courses, I have cultivated a culture of continuous learning within my team. Recognizing the invaluable insights from practical experience, I have integrated these lessons into our training programs, ensuring that each member receives comprehensive and ongoing instruction. With a spectrum of training options available, from daily sessions to weekly and monthly engagements, we have instituted a multi-tiered approach to uphold high safety standards and deliver exemplary care to our esteemed patients. 


How do you balance being a female business owner, a mother, and a respected professional in your field?

Mastering the delicate balance between work and personal life has been a journey of profound significance in my pursuit of fulfillment and growth within my family and my entrepreneurial ventures. From the moment I rise until I retire for the evening, my days are meticulously planned and executed, a testament to my unwavering commitment to efficiency and productivity. Adhering steadfastly to schedules and embracing the discipline of time management have emerged as indispensable tools in my arsenal for navigating the demands of a bustling schedule. 

I appreciate the efficacy of setting clear deadlines, particularly in business projects, as they provide a structured framework within which tasks can be efficiently accomplished. 


What advice do you have for others considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and what should they look for in a treatment facility?

In private healthcare, where rules may be less severe than those governing hospitals, the patient’s primary concern is safety. Recognizing this requirement, my treatment center was precisely designed with an unrelenting dedication to the highest level of safety. Drawing on my considerable engagement in numerous hospital safety committees, I have used my expertise and training to develop robust safety protocols that underpin all of our operations. 

Understanding the daunting task faced by individuals new to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in discerning the most suitable treatment facility, I endeavored to provide invaluable guidance. To this end, I conceived a downloadable PDF comprising a comprehensive list of questions that is readily accessible on our website. This resource serves as a beacon for those looking for optimal treatment, empowering them with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. 

Witnessing the frequent downloads of this resource fills me with immense satisfaction; I know that it serves as a valuable tool for individuals earnestly seeking a reputable Hyperbaric Treatment facility. 


Could you share a success story or a particularly impactful patient journey from your center?

Recently, one of our patients underwent a series of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatments with the specific aim of addressing anti-aging concerns. As part of our comprehensive approach, the patient diligently completed pre- and post-treatment bloodwork, focusing on the measurement of telomere length—an indicator of cellular aging. Remarkably, the post-treatment analysis revealed a notable lengthening of telomeres, a compelling validation of the anti-aging efficacy of HBOT. This profound outcome underscores the inherent potential of oxygen as a natural agent for promoting cellular rejuvenation. Such findings signify a tangible enhancement in the patient’s overall well-being and serve as a poignant reminder of the invaluable gift of time, cherished moments, and the profound benefits of natural interventions in preserving vitality and longevity. 


What are your future plans and aspirations for Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center? 

One of the foremost inquiries we routinely encounter upon a visitor’s initial arrival at our office pertains to the geographical reach of our practice and whether our establishment operates under a franchise model. With steadfast dedication, I have meticulously crafted and cultivated a unified model and aesthetic for our centers – a standard of excellence that we are committed to preserving and upholding as we expand our footprint in the coming years. This unwavering commitment to consistency and quality is the cornerstone of our vision, ensuring that each new location mirrors the ethos and ambiance that our patients have come to expect and appreciate. 


“Every individual deserves timely and equitable access to life-saving treatments.”

“Experience, individualized care, and passion for our patients set Hyperbaric Healing apart.”

“Mastering the delicate balance between work and personal life has been a journey of profound significance in my pursuit of fulfillment and growth.”


Read the BizTech Outlook article here:
Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center Pioneering Accessible and Personalized Care


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