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Hyperbaric Orientation

Hyperbaric Orientation

With anything in life, too much of a good thing can be dangerous.

For example, if we drink too much water we can have fluid overload this concept is the same when it comes to oxygen. Therefore, we have a Hyperbaric Orientation process required to be completed prior to treatment to educate our patients of the importance of safety while undergoing treatment.

Some important topics discussed during our orientation:
• Glycemic (Blood sugar) control during treatment
o Diabetic patients are known to have a drop-in sugar levels after having HBOT. To prevent hypoglycemic incidents, we have protocols in place in which we require blood sugars to be within a range to ensure safety during treatment.
• How to prevent ear pain or Middle Ear Barotrauma (MEBT)
o This is the most common incident to occur during HBOT. We will train you on the different equalization maneuvers to avoid ear pain.
• Preventing injury to lungs
o Certain situations can increase the possibly to an injury to your lungs during treatment. We will discuss how to prevent any lung incidents while undergoing treatment.
• Oxygen Toxicity Seizures
o We will discuss factors that can influence oxygen toxicity seizures.
• Oxygen Safety/ Fire risks
o Oxygen does not start fires, but it does feed them. Therefore, it is important to discuss possible fire risks associated with treatment and how to avoid incidents.
• Approved/non-approved items allowed in chamber
Our patients safety is our top priority we are very strict on what can or cannot go inside the chamber. We will discuss what can and cannot accompt you during treatment.
• To name a few…

After the orientation process is complete the patient is fully aware of all the benefits and potential side effects associated with treatment. This makes our patients feel more comfortable when they enter on their first day of treatment.

This is the final step to our onboarding process. Next step healing!!!!

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