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The Hyperbaric Healing Difference

Why HHTC | Published: June 15th 2018, 05:06PM

Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center was created with the patients in mind. We put our self in the patient’s shoes and wondered, “how would I want to be treated or my family member”?

Over the years of experience, we were able to work on different aspects of the field gaining a wealth of knowledge of what works and what does not.

From your first step in the door, you are greeted with a smile. We strive to provide a 5-star experience for every patient that chooses to have treatments with us. We provide premium cotton linen, comfortable chamber clothing, & soft cotton blankets. Our beds have an upgraded hyperbaric approved mattress to provide maximum comfort.

Patients have the option of having bottled water or they can have some of our fruit infused water. The fruit is different each day giving patients a variety of different natural flavored water throughout the week. As you walk through the office you will notice original artwork from Florida artists as well as beautiful fresh flowers scattered throughout.

From the safety standpoint, every patient either healthy or suffering from a chronic illness will have vitals performed by a licensed medical professional pre and post-treatment to monitor changes in vitals. We check blood pressure, pulse, temperature, ears, & even blood glucose levels for our diabetic patients. In the event of an emergency, we have all types of life-saving equipment on site to assist in any situation that could arise. We also routinely practice these drills to ensure we are ready for any situation.

We offer a safe and convenient location for our patients. Our office is easily accessed from the major highways. Conveniently located on the first floor with plenty of parking for our patients and handicap accessible. Inside the office, we have a superior monitoring system throughout the office as well as electronic keypad lockers for our patient’s belongings. From having the ability to lock their belongings in a secure site during their treatment, putting their mind at ease while watching their favorite show.

For surgery patients, our staff is highly trained to assist with drains, dressing, compression garments, and overall understand the best ways to make post-surgery patients as comfortable as possible during their treatment.

Once in the chamber patients have unlimited entertainment options that include; Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, Cable, DVD, to name a few.

All our patients are treated by board Certified Hyperbaric Technologist and are supervised by our Hyperbaric trained medical director to ensure a safe and effective treatment for our patients. Besides our multiple onsite CHT’s we also ensure we always have more than one staff on site available to assist as needed.

Some key points regarding our office:

• Offer a brand-new state of the art facility.
• Our Hyperbaric Chambers are the second to largest in size made for their class.
• Our Hyperbaric Chambers are brand new, just 1 year old.
• Timing is based on the condition not the price. Most treatment sessions range from 90-120 mins total time.
• If our patients have difficulty clearing their ears, which may require additional time reaching their treatment depth, our patients are not charged extra.
• If a patient has a significant ischemic condition and we are required to dive them deeper with air breaks, this will require additional time in treatment and we will not charge additional fees due to medical necessity.
• For children treated, if it is medically necessary for a parent or nursing professional to accompt the child in the chamber we have our chambers equipped with a double grounding system to keep both occupants safe. Whether a parent or nursing professional accompanies the child, everyone will need full evaluations prior to starting treatment. There is not an additional charge if it is medically necessary for parent/caretaker to accompany the child.
• Patients are not charged for their initial evaluation to obtain the required prescription by a Hyperbaric Trained Doctor. Other facilities charge $100-$150 per patient for the evaluation only.
• We have established protocols in place based on science to obtain the best results.
• Sometimes patients can heal faster than expected or for whatever reason they may not be able to complete their treatments. In an event a patient has purchased a package of treatments and are unable to complete, we have a refund policy in place.

Overall, we strive each day to go above and beyond for our patients in many ways. We do not look at our patients as a chart number as they are someone’s family and deserves the best treatment.

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