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Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Orlando

Plastic Surgery | Published: May 14th 2018, 03:46PM

Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Blog/case study:

The Mommy Makeover surgery is the ultimate plastic surgery consisting of multiple procedures performed at one time. After about 8 hours of being under the knife women wake up with a completely different body. Most of our Mommy makeover cases consist of the following procedures:

• Breast augmentation with lift
• Liposuction in 4-6 separate locations on the body
• The fat is transferred completing a Brazilian butt lift
• Tummy tuck
• Labiaplasty

The top reasons why many physicians are recommending Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with Mommy makeovers:

1) Reduce/eliminate sides effects associated with anesthesia
2) Reduce/eliminate post-surgical swelling, bruises, and pain
3) Reduces need for post-surgical pain pills
4) Reduce downtime
5) Accelerate healing!

Our protocols recommend at least one treatment within 24hrs pre-surgery and post-procedure treatments immediately following surgery. The amount of post-procedure treatments varies on comorbidities (other existing health conditions) of the patient.

Why do we recommend one treatment prior to surgery?

Our patients show great post-procedure results when they elect to have one HBOT prior to their surgery. This is highly recommended for those with a history of having side effects from anesthesia. When you’re under anesthesia for so many hours some patients tend to wake up with terrible headaches, very nauseous and don’t feel well at all. These symptoms can persist for days post-surgery. We have found when our patients have an increased percentage of oxygen in your body prior to treatment it protects your body and reduces the side effects caused by anesthesia. Overall it gives you a better jumpstart to healing!

After your surgery, it is recommended to have your first HBOT within 24 hours. The sooner the better!
It is highly effective to have HBOT treatment immediately after surgery due to the rapid reduction in swelling. In simple terms whenever you get any type of cut in the skin, it is the body’s natural reaction is to start to swell in order to protect your body from anything harmful getting into the treated area.

As your body swells it also constricts your blood flow. This blood flow carries oxygen, which is needed for healing. So, your body can take days to weeks for the swelling to reduce and patients will have a lot of bruising as well.
When you add HBOT immediately after surgery your body has not hit its full swelling potential, so we put you under pressure which reduces the swelling while replenishing your body with the 100% medical grade oxygen versus the 21% we breathe in our air. The Oxygen infuses into the plasma portion (liquid clear portion) of the blood and this is how it gets to the treated area which expedites healing.

The faster the swelling goes down the faster you heal!

This Patient was referred by her plastic surgeon for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in conjunction with her Mommy makeover surgery.

This patient understood that people can experience side effects from anesthesia when waking up post-surgery. This is one of the top reasons many may contemplate going through with the procedure. Luckily her doctor is a world known plastic surgeon who frequently sends his patients to us in conjunction with his surgeries. He recommended her to have at least one treatment prior and multiple following her surgery, as he knows it makes a significant difference in his patient’s recovery.

After a thorough evaluation, our surgical protocol was discussed with the patent, and she decided she wanted to maximize her healing experience. She decided to have two Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) prior to her surgery with 5 HBOT following surgery.

Treatment 1 & 2: Her first two HBOT treatments went great. She was able to clear her ears and enjoyed her favorite series on Netflix that she could continue to watch over the course of the days to come. On the second day, she was a little anxious about her upcoming surgery. We ensured her that she was in good hands and we would be there for her when she gets out of surgery. She left with a smile excited for the next day.

Treatment 3: Surgery Day! With great coordination from the referring plastic surgery office, we were able to get her in the chamber within 8 hours post-surgery which consisted of; breast lift with augmentation, liposuction from multiple areas, & a Brazilian butt lift. Upon arrival, her pain was a 7/10. She was not nauseous, no headache, and was even hungry. Even though she was in pain she was already so thankful that she woke up feeling “much better than expected”. She was unable to move without assistance. We assisted her with her 4 drains and dressed her in a 100% cotton robe. After her first Hyperbaric treatment, her pain decreased to 6 /10, we assisted her when putting on her compression garment, then she and her husband left happy.

(Below are pictured prior to her 1st HBOT Treatment Post surgery)

Treatment 2: Upon arrival, her pain was a little elevated than the day prior, it was 10/10. By this time, she was a little over 24 hrs post-surgery. She did not complain of being nauseous and was not experiencing any headaches. We assisted her with dressing prior to treatment and changed out a few bandages from the liposuction sites. She slept through her entire HBOT treatment. After her HBOT her pain decreased to 8/10.

Treatment 3 post-Mommy Makeover! Upon arrival, her pain was 4/10, still no signs of nausea or headaches. She also mentioned that she discontinued her pain medications last night as she did not need it anymore. She needed about 50% assistance while dressing. Some removable bandages were discontinued as she did not have any bleeding at those sites anymore. After her Hyperbaric treatment, her pain decreased to 1/10. She was moving around with minimal assistance. Following treatment, she followed up with her doctor and he was able to have 2/4 drains removed.

(Below are pictures after 3 HBOT treatments Post surgery)

Day 6: Upon arrival, her pain was 1/10 with no other symptoms. At this point, she and her husband were extremely happy with her speedy recovery. She only needed abbot 25% assistance with changing. We assisted her with handling her 2 drains which had minimal drainage by this point. After her Hyperbaric treatment, her pain decreased to 0/10. Following treatment, she followed up with her doctor and he was able to have the remaining 2 drains removed.

Day 7: Treatment 5 post-Mommy Makeover! Upon arrival, her pain was 1/10 and she did not complain of any symptoms. She was moving at a normal upright pace and did not need any assistance while changing. She was so happy to have all the drains removed. They did not cause her pain but were more of an inconvenience to her when moving around. After her 5th post-surgery Hyperbaric treatment her pain remained decreased to 0/10. At her follow up with her doctor she was cleared to fly back home.

(Below are pictures after completing 5 HBOT treatments Post surgery)

Within 7 total treatments we were able to:

• Eliminate side effects from anesthesia
• Significant reduce post-surgical swelling and bruising
• Eliminate the need for pain medication with 24 hours post-surgery
• Overall 100% reduction in pain within 5 treatments post breast lift with augmentation, liposuction from multiple areas, & Brazilian butt lift!


A few weeks after being discharged we received this beautiful comment from our patient & her husband:
“All hyperbaric staff was wonderful and well trained.

I’m very happy with the care and the attention they gave me, made me feel like I was the only patient they had, they go above and beyond to take care of your needs.

The treatment was very affecting to the pains and bruises, it was really good and I love it. thank you for everything. ❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????”

“I would like to thank you all the staff, they did a wonderful job, can say enough how well they did. My wife loves every minute of it she felt better after each treatment. thank you”

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