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Kybella Treatment Orlando‎

Kybella Treatment Orlando‎

HBOT FOR Non- Invasive Cosmetic Procedures CASE Study Kybella Treatment

Kybella is a very popular cosmetic procedure that has shown fast results for patients without them having to go under the knife. During the procedure, a synthetic enzyme is injected under the patient’s chin with a small needle in multiple areas. This enzyme dissolves the fat and reduced the double chin.

The most common side effects of this procedure are:

Areas of hardness in the treatment area

Main benefits

The main benefits we see from having Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) are; decreases swelling and pain. Which helps increase the patient’s circulation thus allowing faster healing.

This patient was a school teacher who had finally decided to have this procedure done. She had wanted this for a long time but hesitated due to the common side effects. The patient’s number one concern was being able to return to work the next day following her first Kybella injection.

Her physician referred her to our clinic for post-Kybella HBOT. With our special protocol, we had her in treatment within an hour post procedure. Upon arrival, she mentioned she felt a slight burning sensation and it felt a little warm to her as well. Right after treatment, the patient stated the burning sensation within her chin had subsided and she did not have any pain.

The next day, we followed up with the patient and asked her how she was feeling. While also gaging her current pain level.

She stated:

“I have no pain, only slight tenderness in some areas (I have a little bit of bruising) so maybe a 1? I felt great when I woke up and for most of the day, I forgot I had even had the Kybella done. Thanks for letting try out the chamber. It was a very cool experience”

We were super excited that she was able to return to work the following day without having any painful side effects from the cosmetic procedure she had always wanted.

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