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Brazilian Butt Lift and Oxygen Therapy

Brazilian Butt Lift and Oxygen Therapy

Is Hyperbaric oxygen therapy beneficial for elective procedures?
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)!

The Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a very popular procedure that involves taking your own fat form at various locations of your body and injecting it back into your buttocks giving you a nice curvy shape. Many women are choosing this procedure over implants due to it requiring your own fat versus a foreign object. Some patients can take up to a week or even longer until they can go back to work.

But that is without the help of oxygen!

Many of the leading plastic surgeons are combing HBOT with their procedures for many reasons:

1) Dramatically reduces swelling, brushing, & pain.
2) Reduces needs for post-procedure pain pills.
3) Reduces time the patient needs to take off work. With our protocol, most of our patients return to work within 3 days!

Pre 1st HBOT: Prior to first treatment post BBL as well as breast augmentation & lift. Pt was having trouble walking due to swelling throughout her body, decreased appetite from the pain meds, and she unable to sleep the night prior due to pain. Her pain was 10/10 and required 100% assistance while changing. We treated her with our post-surgical protocol and after her first treatment her pain reduced to 7/10, she was hungry and was able to walk a little easier.

2nd HBOT: Upon arrival, her pain remained reduced to 7/10. She stated, “I feel much better today”. She was able to sleep a little easier, and her appetite was also back to normal. She was moving a little better with only 50% assistance while changing. Post her second treatment her pain reduced to 5/10. She was very happy with a 50% reduction in her pain in just 2 days!

3rd HBOT: Upon arrival, her pain remained reduced to 5/10. She stated, “I slept much better last night and I have not needed any pain medication since yesterday”. Her husband was also very relieved as he was finally able to sleep too! Post-treatment her pain reduced to 3/10, she was able to change herself without assistance, and walk with normal pace. She left holding her husband’s hand as he did not need to assist holding her up anymore! She was super excited about her fast results.

Within 3 days 70% reduction in pain. She was able to be cleared by her plastic surgeon sooner, so she could fly home and return to work. She was super happy with her expediated healing!

HBOT is not only for when there is a problem, many patients are seeking treatment for preventative reasons to get the best healing results post elective procedures.
Do not wait until something is broken take the proactive approach to life! Contact us today to learn how HBOT can help you!

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  • Michelle Ruiz
    May 21, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Amazing results….. I wish I had known about this back in February when my daughter went for her BBL. She is still experiencing some swelling. The pictures really tell the story.

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